Monday, July 31, 2006

Go Back to Sleep

Shh, pet, go back to sleep,
There's something on my mind dear,
I'm sure that it will keep.
I've been lieing wide awake a while,
Trying to clear my head.
Thought I'd leave you to it,
And go downstairs instead.

Shh, love, go back to sleep,
There's nothing in your room honey,
No need for you to peep.
I'm staying here while you lie down,
Don't worry, I'll be near.
You've had a nasty dream,
But nothing now to fear.

Shh, please go back to sleep,
There's no need to get up yet,
From your bed don't leap.
I've only just got back to my bed,
I need to have a rest.
We could just all get up,
I think that would be best.


Ruth said...

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm still reading and enjoying. Your poems are great.

Louise said...

My friend, Bev, came round for a 'glass of wine' (ok, three bottles of wine) the other night. In a rash moment, I asked her to read them.
She chortled and 'ah'ed all the way through them. Loved them, so you may have a point.
Maybe I should pluck up the courage to let Cathy read them, but I'd be able to tell if she was being kind...