Monday, July 31, 2006

Go Back to Sleep

Shh, pet, go back to sleep,
There's something on my mind dear,
I'm sure that it will keep.
I've been lieing wide awake a while,
Trying to clear my head.
Thought I'd leave you to it,
And go downstairs instead.

Shh, love, go back to sleep,
There's nothing in your room honey,
No need for you to peep.
I'm staying here while you lie down,
Don't worry, I'll be near.
You've had a nasty dream,
But nothing now to fear.

Shh, please go back to sleep,
There's no need to get up yet,
From your bed don't leap.
I've only just got back to my bed,
I need to have a rest.
We could just all get up,
I think that would be best.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The sun rises and falls,
The moon's glow cools the sky.
The birds fly and sing,
Dogs bark, cats mew;
They're alive!

The flowers bloom and fade,
The tree naked, then bursts into life.
The rivers flow fast, then trickle,
The mountains bursting with life, then snow-capped.
They're alive!

Babies sleeping, howling, cooing,
Toddlers chatting and playing.
School children laughing, then shouting,
Teens sulking and aimless.
They're alive!

The sun touches my skin,
The moon soothes my sleep.
Nature's sights and sounds engulf me,
Youth around me all the time.
I'm alive!

But When

Although I see myself again,
I havent' changed.
I just understand more,
I don't want to feel now.
The world is in my head,
It is in confusion;
Eventually life and love will break free.

But when, it can't be too soon,
Then I shall feel again.
The world in my head will,
Come to life and love,
Life and love will come;
To the world,
And I shall live again.

What I'd See

If I could stand outside myself,
This is what I'd see.
A poor child, decieved and abused,
Afraid to believe and trust.
The world surrounding her,
Cold and uncaring.
Oblivious of her plight.

Look Into Your Eyes

As I sit and look into your eyes,
I can read your mind;
I can see the void inside your head,
And feel the fear and hatred.
It does not only exist in you,
But in all the youth around us.

The people who said they were right,
They said they knew because they'd already lived;
But were they right? I know,
They tried to live the future,
As a correction of the past.
Now we'll be left to look ahead alone.

The things we are left to cope with,
Every country completely equipped;
To destroy vast numbers of mankind.
The hatred runs high,
Peace has been lost in the mists of time,
Desolation is the only survivor.

If I look deep into your eyes,
I can see the fear and hatred,
That hides behind the blue mask of happiness;
I can see through your smiles,
As you try to display confidence and knowledge.
You're as scared as the rest of the world.

In Her Room

Picture a girl alone in her room,
It is the only life she knows.
Outside she faces confusion and pain,
Her isolation the only escape.
But even there she is haunted,
By the memories impressed on her mind.

She remembers all the names,
She can hear the yells that called them.
But she learned to cope with that pain,
She tried to live despite it.
If she had known the pain to follow,
She maybe would not have bothered.

Before her stare the evil eyes,
How they have changed in just a short time.
Once full of mutual joy and sadness,
Now shows only hatred and violence.
The first blow saw the end of a friendship,
The last the end of trust.

Now the girl sits alone in her room,
She cannot believe in anything around her.
She cannot see a friend within reach,
She does not trust the truth.
Time heals, or so they say, she has a chance,
I hope she has the strength to fight.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I sit and watch,
The autumn shine reach in,
And kiss your grey smudged hair.
Your cheerful, lined face,
Light dances in your soft eyes;
Smiling sadly at your glowworm.
You are sad in your happiness,
For you cannot believe and have faith.
Trust me.
I love you.

I'll Be Your Toy

The room is empty now,
The party's over.
You've had your fun,
Your toy is broken.

I heard the warning,
But I did not believe.
I loved you too much,
You'd never leave.

As the music plays,
I see you still.
Your image is clear,
Your voice a blow.

Dreams are filled,
With dark shadows;
But they will fade,
As time goes by.

If you return alone,
I'll be here;
But only a shell is left,
The rest is dead.

The Mountain

Towering above me, grey and hard,
Carved out of the rock by time;
The power and strength within you,
Enticing and tempting adventure.

Crisp and white, sparkling like a diamond,
Your dominant profile beneath a mantle of snow.
Still alluring and yet forbidding,
A silent warning in your aura.

Lost! Hidden from view by the clouds,
Their soft wetness drift to your feet.
They add mystery to your presence,
But the pull, like a magnet, still compelling.


A tiny baby, in my arms,
I've kept you warm and safe.
I fed you when you hungered,
And cleaned your beautiful face.

An angel sleeping,
Still smiling, but still.
A gentle peace touching you,
To rest and revitalise.

You sucked your thumb,
And smiled at me.
You rolled and crawled,
Your adventure just begun.

You tottered away,
And trotted back.
You played games and hid,
Laughter and tears all day.

In between, the temper!
Shouting, screaming and stamping,
Your displeasure and distaste,
At your clothes, your food, your life.

All too soon you leave me,
Walk away, a smile, a wave.
But I'm happy to see you go,
I've taught you all I know.

And in a while, you're flying,
Leaving us all behind.
You'll always be in my heart, my love,
A tiny baby, in my arms.

Monday, July 24, 2006


I'm waiting, waiting, waiting.
What for?
For the telephone to ring,
Or for a knock at the door.
Don't panic, he's here.

I'm waiting, again and again.
What for?
To say I love you,
More than ever before.
Don't panic, he's here.

It's My Turn Now

I spend my time doing what you want,
Things you should have done yourself;
Don't you ever think of what I want?
Maybe it's too late for you,
But I've still my own life yet.
The time has come, you must let go;
I've got to leave,
And take your baby away.

The Great Race

When will it end, everyone fighting till that last second,
New entrants all the time, everyday, every minute.
Nobody loses when they race no more, lie a corpse, hidden,
So who will win when it's all gone, they'll never know.

When time ends, does our race too?
People work all their lives, competing, trying.
Our Spring is a game, people racing with us,
But we are entered too, limbering up, starting.

When Summer comes, we run for our lives,
Things come too soon, we learn to hurdle.
In Autumn, a steady jog, happy, content with our position.
Winter, regrets of wasted time, still fighting, teaching.

Then, nothing.
Individual races are over,
But the Great Race continues, small worlds competing,
The race of the World has no losers.

Take Me With You

I watch you soaring high between the mountain tops,
Your wings spread wide, you glide with ease.
The sun shines golden on your back;
An eagle, master of the sky,
Majestic, graceful yet powerful and feared.

You have freedom, grace and strength unrivalled.
My spirit strengthens as you fly above me,
I yearn to reach you, breathless with desire.
I ache for your power, release and wandering,
Take me with you.


Three months to go,
I must begin a list.
I haven't booked the site yet,
Perhaps that's the place to begin!

One month to go,
I'm onto my fifth list.
I now know where we're going,
And I can't wait to get booked in!

One week to go,
I'm running out of lists.
I untangled the kites last night,
I'm not sure it'll all fit in!

One hour to go,
I'm going to pack my list.
I found all the flip-flops at last,
Now, let our holiday begin!

Can I Have...?

Can I have a piece of fruit?
Ofcourse dear, help yourself.
I can't find my shoes!
Try by the back door, where you left them.

I can't sleep, will you lie with me?
No dear, but think nice thoughts.
Mum! I've finished!
Ok, I'll be there to wipe in a second.

I don't want to go to Tesco,
I'm sorry, but we have no food left.
Why can't I dig for worms?
Because you're dressed to go to the party.

I hate bath night!
I know love, but it's nice to be clean in bed.
Can I have a cuddle?
Yes mum, 'course you can!


Five more days until my love returns,
It seems to have been so long.
The children slip quite easily into routine,
Of up dressed, breakfast and off to school,
While I'm left to collect my thoughts and hoover up my life.

Three more days until my love returns,
And normality will reign supreme once more.
Blissful in their ignorance, the children continue on,
Up, dressed, breakfast and fighting over toys,
While I feel nervous, excited at his impending return to our family home.

He's home! In a blink, the children,
Forget their seperation from their devoted dad;
But I'm deeply buried in my isolation,
I forget my longing, feel my space invaded;
But then, at last, feel his strong arms surround me and melt.

I Love it When

I love it when you hold my hand,
It makes me strong,
It makes me proud,
I feel comforted inside.

I love it when you smile at me,
It makes me warm,
It makes me happy,
I feel comforted inside.

I love it when I feel the sun,
It makes me relax,
It makes me calm,
I feel refreshed inside.

I love it when I see the birds,
It makes me high,
It makes me marvel,
I feel renewed inside.

I love it when you laugh out loud,
It makes me glad,
It makes me glow,
I feel content inside.

Turn Off the Tap

Will someone please turn off the tap,
I can hear the water running;
It could be soothing, but in the dead of night,
I can feel the tension rising.
The constant sound sends an audible ripple,
That frustrates and annoys me;
My mind is stimulated, wakened and
Alert, waiting for the next drip,
Dropping onto polished porcelain.

Will someone turn off that tap,
I cleaned the sink this morning,
I should say, yesterday, now it's dead of night and,
Here I lie, fretting about tomorrow;
What tasks ahead of me lie?
My children are sleeping peacefully now,
But tomorrow will stress and frustrate me;
One minute loving and giving freely,
The next rowdily fighting.

Oh, please turn off the tap,
It's keeping me awake and I,
Like many a rapidly ageing, but loving mother, I know,
Need my beauty sleep and rest.
In order to look my best;
Counting sheep just isn't helping me,
Is the bread out of the freezer?
Is that water still dripping away?
Oh, it's my life.

I'm in The Mood

I'm in the mood,
To make cookies with the children;
To have flour on my face,
And sugar on the table;
The smell of ginger wafting through,
To tantalize and tease me.

I'm in the mood,
To shout and scream at everyone;
To curse and stamp my feet,
And slam at least one door;
Don't bother smiling sweetly at me,
If you like your teeth.

I'm in the mood,
To luxuriate in a hot bath;
To savour a chilled Chenin Blanc,
Make sure to fasten the lock;
A few moments of deepest pleasure,
To really feel like me.

I'm in the mood,
To take a long rambling stroll;
To feel wind tugging my coat,
To see wilderness everywhere around me;
The fresh breeze to revive me,
Returns my love for life.

My Year in Nature

Through the night, the visitors arrive,
Honking their return, a haunting sound,
But it heralds a fresh start.

It's still dark, but the chorus has begun,
Each bird singing louder than the last, to be heard,
To make the best impression.

On a frozen, but clear blue day,
They perch atop the spikey gorse bush,
Still singing fit to burst.

As the days grow warmer, the deed is done,
Alls quiet as they get on with the job in hand.
They've hungry mouths to feed.

As the sky lark trills it's spiral in the sky,
Swifts scream and swoop around them,
Swallows twittering as they hunt.

The young birds learn swiftly and soon fill the air,
With their clammer, "Feed me!"
They fledge and flee the nest.

Alls quiet once more, they return to warmer climes,
But the geese are back, their honking calls,
Change the atmosphere once more.


How does the weather know?
If I have no gloves, it will start to snow,
What do the clouds have to gain?
If I have no coat, it will start to rain.

Why does the sun become so hot?
Because my hat I have not got,
Could the wind choose not to blow?
I can't stay in by the fire glow.