Monday, July 24, 2006

It's My Turn Now

I spend my time doing what you want,
Things you should have done yourself;
Don't you ever think of what I want?
Maybe it's too late for you,
But I've still my own life yet.
The time has come, you must let go;
I've got to leave,
And take your baby away.


Ruth said...

You know you're reading a good poem when you don't fully understand it and feel the need to discuss! To whom is this one addressed?

Louise said...

I wrote it when I was roughly 17, so I guess my parents. At the time, apart from all the garbage at school that was ongoing, I had decided I wanted to train as a Horse Riding Instructor, but they wanted something 'better' for me and insisted I go to University. Which I refused to do.

Bitter and twisted? Me?

Just a shade!!

Ruth said...

Wow. That's fantastic. Even back then you were pulling those great last lines out of the bag.

Louise said...

Just re-read it myself:
"Don't you ever thnk of what I want?"
Thnk? Thnk?!

Must change that!