Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In Her Room

Picture a girl alone in her room,
It is the only life she knows.
Outside she faces confusion and pain,
Her isolation the only escape.
But even there she is haunted,
By the memories impressed on her mind.

She remembers all the names,
She can hear the yells that called them.
But she learned to cope with that pain,
She tried to live despite it.
If she had known the pain to follow,
She maybe would not have bothered.

Before her stare the evil eyes,
How they have changed in just a short time.
Once full of mutual joy and sadness,
Now shows only hatred and violence.
The first blow saw the end of a friendship,
The last the end of trust.

Now the girl sits alone in her room,
She cannot believe in anything around her.
She cannot see a friend within reach,
She does not trust the truth.
Time heals, or so they say, she has a chance,
I hope she has the strength to fight.

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