Monday, July 24, 2006

Turn Off the Tap

Will someone please turn off the tap,
I can hear the water running;
It could be soothing, but in the dead of night,
I can feel the tension rising.
The constant sound sends an audible ripple,
That frustrates and annoys me;
My mind is stimulated, wakened and
Alert, waiting for the next drip,
Dropping onto polished porcelain.

Will someone turn off that tap,
I cleaned the sink this morning,
I should say, yesterday, now it's dead of night and,
Here I lie, fretting about tomorrow;
What tasks ahead of me lie?
My children are sleeping peacefully now,
But tomorrow will stress and frustrate me;
One minute loving and giving freely,
The next rowdily fighting.

Oh, please turn off the tap,
It's keeping me awake and I,
Like many a rapidly ageing, but loving mother, I know,
Need my beauty sleep and rest.
In order to look my best;
Counting sheep just isn't helping me,
Is the bread out of the freezer?
Is that water still dripping away?
Oh, it's my life.

1 comment:

Ruth said...

I LOVE this poem, but the clown in me wants to add a last line:

Oh, please turn off the tap...
...Is that water still dripping away?
Oh, it's my life:
For God's sake don't turn it off!!