Saturday, August 26, 2006


What did I come upstairs for, can somebody give me a clue?
I know it was important, I’ve no idea what to do.
Maybe if I return to the beginning, back to where I came from,
I may remember what I came for, and start the washing machine too.

I’m back in the kitchen now, thinking of talking to you.
There must be something to do here, not just enjoying the view.
I’m sure I came here for something, maybe to do the dishes?
But first before I get started, I’ll just pop upstairs to the loo.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I Want

I want to feel your hand in mine,
Soft and warm and tight.
I want to see your beaming face,
Smiling, clean and bright.

I want you to be happy, love,
At home and when you’re away.
Always in my thoughts, love,
Forever and a day.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Hard and dark,
Smooth and sweet.

Melting and naughty,
My little treat.

Soothing and healing,
Luscious like velvet.
Heavenly and rich.
My little secret.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


There were tears when first I saw your face,
Tears when you wouldn’t sleep.
There were tears with your first smile,
And tears when you took your first step.
Yet more tears when you took a tumble,
And tears when you stamped your feet.
My tears and yours were mixed,
But the memories I still love to keep.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Winner

Sitting in a locked room,
Hidden from the light,
You dare not face the world outside,
Incase the newsman's right.
How long do you think you can last,
You're a fool to think you're safe.
They'll get to you,
Through the keyhole, through the cracks.
In they'll creep,
An odourless vapour to infilltrate innocent lungs.
Your blind facts,
Will never know.

Nothing you can say to me,
Will change my mind.
I was born to fight,
Not to run from opposition.
Who in the end do you think will win,
After the world's gone mad.
Someone long ago won,
He pushed the self-destruct button.
Now he stands above,
Looking over frenzied men;
Laughing at the joke,
Very amused.

Self Destruct

I stumble on through the crowd,
Staring faces, grey and blank;
There's got to be that silver lined cloud,
Everyone's giving up the search.
This crowd will turn on itself,
Destroy everything for nothing.

Around me are the colours of the season,
Yellow, orange, gold and brown.
There is no other warmth left,
The sun is falling away;
Ashamed of what it sees,
The self-inflicted suffering for no reason.

The confusion grows and erupts,
The crowd explodes and engulfs everything.
I am smothered in it's depths,
But I am fighting for life.
The survival of the fittest is taught to the youth,
There is a misunderstanding in their minds.

Once more the crowd will congregate,
The facts before unseeing eyes.
The world has lost it's destination,
It has switched to self destruct.
The youth are left to fight the war,
The battle to disconnect the time bomb.