Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Hard and dark,
Smooth and sweet.

Melting and naughty,
My little treat.

Soothing and healing,
Luscious like velvet.
Heavenly and rich.
My little secret.


Ruth said...

Chocolate is amazing. I've just had rather a lot of it, in an attempt to stop myself from having a second glass of wine!!

Excellent poem by the way.

Louise said...

I can't eat chocolate and drink wine on the same evening. Unless I've had a choccy pud at the end of a meal when I would, ofcourse, be drinking wine with it and always have some left to 'finish up', (which means, a second bottle to open!) then I can.

Last night? Ah, well David was on evenings, last one, it's a Friday and so I opened a bottle, to share when he got back. I only had one, or two, before he got home. We shared the rest!

And, more to the point, I've run out of chocolate. How careless is that!

Thank you, btw! x