Friday, August 04, 2006

The Winner

Sitting in a locked room,
Hidden from the light,
You dare not face the world outside,
Incase the newsman's right.
How long do you think you can last,
You're a fool to think you're safe.
They'll get to you,
Through the keyhole, through the cracks.
In they'll creep,
An odourless vapour to infilltrate innocent lungs.
Your blind facts,
Will never know.

Nothing you can say to me,
Will change my mind.
I was born to fight,
Not to run from opposition.
Who in the end do you think will win,
After the world's gone mad.
Someone long ago won,
He pushed the self-destruct button.
Now he stands above,
Looking over frenzied men;
Laughing at the joke,
Very amused.


Ruth said...

This is so good. I wonder to what extent the last two poems stem from your recent bottle throwing experience. My sister was mugged about two years ago and it had a surprisingly long and deep effect on her. She seems ok now though.
I do believe that good conquers evil in the end. I really do. There is much more good in the world than evil - it just doesn't seem that way sometimes.

Louise said...

Another teen creation. My friend Bev was impressed by my depth and insight as a teenager. I have no idea where it all came from, except the amount of time I spent shut away in my room!

How awful for Catherine! It must have been a really traumatic experience, it can really scar the mind longer than a bruise marks the skin.