Friday, August 04, 2006

Self Destruct

I stumble on through the crowd,
Staring faces, grey and blank;
There's got to be that silver lined cloud,
Everyone's giving up the search.
This crowd will turn on itself,
Destroy everything for nothing.

Around me are the colours of the season,
Yellow, orange, gold and brown.
There is no other warmth left,
The sun is falling away;
Ashamed of what it sees,
The self-inflicted suffering for no reason.

The confusion grows and erupts,
The crowd explodes and engulfs everything.
I am smothered in it's depths,
But I am fighting for life.
The survival of the fittest is taught to the youth,
There is a misunderstanding in their minds.

Once more the crowd will congregate,
The facts before unseeing eyes.
The world has lost it's destination,
It has switched to self destruct.
The youth are left to fight the war,
The battle to disconnect the time bomb.

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