Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Top Speed

Taking a walk along the road,
The cool breeze freshens my skin.
Clouds skating past, golden sunlight flickers,
Catching on leaves, bright red, orange and yellow.

Cars go racing by, got to get there,
Got to get there now and fast!
Passing by life, rushing and missing,
Enclosed in a box, music blaring.

Strolling down the road,
A roe deer, silent and secretly,
Slips between the trees.
A buzzard gliding above the fields.

Van driver zooming past,
One eye on the clock, tick tock.
One hand on a sandwich,
Bite munch, slurp of drink.

Sauntering on, up the hill,
Birds twittering, chirping company.
Ruby berries on a holly bush,
Gobble, gulp, they're gone.