Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Winter Light

Beautiful winter light,
Turning everything it touches golden.
Soft icy breeze,
Fluttering the leaves still clinging.

The tide is lapping,
Beginning to flood the sodden marshes.
At the edge,
Birds wadding and dotting inbetween waves.

Above distant trees,
Bright colours stripe into the sky.
The buzzard flies,
Swans gracefully arrive on the water.

The light fades,
Dark clouds are starting to gather.
The sun turns grey,
Weak, it's light hidden and dull.

The spit of rain,
Blown in a strengthening wind.
Birds quieten,
Darting for cover, hiding from the storm.

An arctic blast,
Tiny specks of snow aimlessly whirling.
The grip of winter,
As snow clouds bring a different light.