Tuesday, July 25, 2006


A tiny baby, in my arms,
I've kept you warm and safe.
I fed you when you hungered,
And cleaned your beautiful face.

An angel sleeping,
Still smiling, but still.
A gentle peace touching you,
To rest and revitalise.

You sucked your thumb,
And smiled at me.
You rolled and crawled,
Your adventure just begun.

You tottered away,
And trotted back.
You played games and hid,
Laughter and tears all day.

In between, the temper!
Shouting, screaming and stamping,
Your displeasure and distaste,
At your clothes, your food, your life.

All too soon you leave me,
Walk away, a smile, a wave.
But I'm happy to see you go,
I've taught you all I know.

And in a while, you're flying,
Leaving us all behind.
You'll always be in my heart, my love,
A tiny baby, in my arms.


Ruth said...

Trying hard not to cry - this is wonderful

Louise said...

Thank you!

Another one of those, dashed off at the screen this morning. Somedays are obviously more inspiring than others!