Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Mountain

Towering above me, grey and hard,
Carved out of the rock by time;
The power and strength within you,
Enticing and tempting adventure.

Crisp and white, sparkling like a diamond,
Your dominant profile beneath a mantle of snow.
Still alluring and yet forbidding,
A silent warning in your aura.

Lost! Hidden from view by the clouds,
Their soft wetness drift to your feet.
They add mystery to your presence,
But the pull, like a magnet, still compelling.


Ruth said...

I Love mountains and haven't seen any for ages. I plan to go to the Alps in a couple of years time (sounds a long way off, doesn't it, but I'm not going mountain walking with a 1 year old!!)

I shall make it my quest to take a photo of some mountains (I have my favourites) and place this poem (by my dear pal Louise) beneath my photo and put it on the wall.

Louise said...

It would be a real honour. Thank you. Again.