Monday, May 21, 2007

The return

They're back.
I hear them screaming, as I lie in my bed,
Tensed as I listen to them close by.

Then I wait.
I relax, as their screaching comes closer,
Calmed by their playful cry.

They are swifts.
Returned for the summer, I feel joyful,
Watching them wheel and race in the sky.


Ruth said...

Yeap - you had me there. Verses 1 and 2 had me convinced it was the children!

We have quite a lot of bird activity in our garden at present, which is delightful (and unusual, I'm afraid). I think that they are here for the ants....? They are picking something out of the cemented bits of the garden wall.....?

Louise said...

Could be, but that's atleast a natural pest control.

Tee hee, must admit that's the first time I think I've deliberatly tried to mislead the reader for a bit of fun. It worked!